SOS Children's Villages

Royal Fassin donates 1% of sales of Back to the Fruits to SOS Children's Villages.

SOS Children's Villages International is the global federation of 116 national SOS Children's Villages associations. We work together with a single vision: to ensure that every child grows with love, security and respect.

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Bergh in het zadel

The Bergh in het Zadel foundation was founded in 1989 to raise money for cancer research. All scientific research takes place after approval from and under the auspices of KWF, the Dutch Cancer Society.

Every four years, enthusiastic cyclists and their supporters raise money by organising a sponsored bicycle tour. 

Royal Fassin B.V. supports the Bergh in het Zadel foundation. 

Together Foundation

The Together foundation works on a small scale for an area in the south of India with a population of about 20,000. The foundation is the sole manager of this project, thus keeping lines short and organised. Projects are properly supervised and inspected locally, and the administrators regularly visit the projects at their own expense. There is therefore no rake-off and everything is spent on sustainable development for the people in Thiruvettriyur.