Extruded specialist

Royal Fassin B.V. is the specialist in extruded confectionery. 

What is extruded confectionery? These are sweets manufactured by the extrusion method. The extrusion method or extruding is a design technique where the liquid confectionery mass is pressed through a mould. Holes in the mould give the product its shape and determine whether the confectionery will be a lace, a belt or a twist. The consistency of these products is elastic and easy to chew.

As the inventor of this type of confectionery, Royal Fassin B.V. was the first company to use this method in the 1980s to produce confectionery.Over the years, Royal Fassin has specialised exclusively in this type of production method and is now the market leader in quality in this segment.Royal Fassin does not manufacture any other confectionery, like lollipops or bonbons. We focus on solely on manufacturing and developing extrusion products. This is our passion and our specialism.