The best raw materials!

Our products undergo a major quality check before they leave the company. This check already starts with the purchasing of the raw materials and choosing the right suppliers who share our quality requirements. All supplied raw materials are checked at goods reception before they are taken to the warehouse and are subsequently used for the production of our products. During the production the staff members, supported by an automated control system, check whether the ingredients are being mixed in the correct ratio.


In addition, checks are carried out during the production process whether the products have the correct length and width, for example. Subsequently samples are taken from the produced and packaged products. Only once these samples have been cleared by our quality control everything is loaded into a truck. Our products will then soon be in a store near you.


Every year our quality system is checked by independent institutions. This is how we always maintain the highest standard concerning IFS (International Food Standard) certification and the BRC standard (British Retail Consortium).

The IFS standard is the continental equivalent of the BRC. It has been developed by the German food trade association on the basis of the already existing BRC standard. The content of the two standards is therefore very similar, the differences are in the way the criteria are assessed.

BRC stands for British Retail Consortium. It is a standard that has been developed by a collaboration of all English supermarkets to prevent each supermarket from having to audit its suppliers separately.